Message from the Luxury Collection

A New Generation of Botteling

We elaborate, select and market our sparkling wines, with our own records and bottlers.

From the Macabeo, Xarel.lo and Parellada grapes, these sparkling wines are made using the renowned traditional method of fermenting the wine a second time in the bottle. They are aged for a minimum of nine months in underground caves, in silence and absolute tranquillity. The origin includes production regions across the whole peninsula, with a large concentration in the Penedés sub-zone.


Jess Van Weert

Jess Van Weert is a renowned Belgian Haute cuisine chef,  now retired and fully focussed on wine making and finetuning the taste of LUX Sparkling.

My own taste, contesting the regular 'cava' regulations


Alex Ruiz Masachs

A well-known oenologist, providing knowledge, skills and oenological experience right from PENEDES, a traditionally rich wine area in Catalonia and the origin of LUX Sparkling.

The beauty of a well structured wine strategy coming together. One word, Perfection.

Business Advisor

Roger Manyosa

Offering a wide range of sales experience and strategies for wines, cavas and sparkling wines all over the world.

Winemaking is beautiful, selling it to the world is an art.

LUX Sparkling

LUX Sparkling wines are being made by the Charmat methode.
This way of making Sparkling Wine is the same as Prosecco.

The differences between LUX and a Prosecco are:

  • LUX is a Brand of Spain.
  • LUX is being made with different grapes.

The Charmat methode, ‘metodo Italiano’ or ‘metodo Martinotti’ is the most used way to make sure that the fruity aspects of the prosecco/LUX retain their freshness and come to their right!

The ultimate result

will be a rich choice of LUX sparkling wines and LUX accessories , offering a luxurious and sophisticated wine experience world wide!

Enjoy the taste of LUX Sparkling ~ A Diamond Inside A Glass

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