Tasting notes
Lux Brut
Fresh & Tasty

An exquisite sparkling found by Belgian chef Jess Van Weert.
Bright pale yellow colored with golden sparkle shine. It is a luxury sparkling with a defined mousse which has a well-balanced flavour.
Very tasteful, mild and subtle sweetness. Ideal to cheer up special occasions and parties.

Spanish Sparkling Wine

Lux Brut is not a Cava but a Sparkling Wine from the Spanish Penedès. Belgian Chef Jess Van Weert calls it ‘My own flavour in contradiction to some cava regulations’, because he added for instance some flavours of Gewürztraminer. A grape that is not allowed to use in an official cava. ‘Moreover the production process of Lux differs from a traditional cava, which results in a unique product from this region. Lux Brut is created by the Charmat method. A fast and efficient way to produce a sparkling wine, so that the natural primary quality of the grape maintains.


Award mentioned in Wijnkoopgids* 2016 by Frank Van Der Auwera Belgium

* Wijnkoopgids: Belgian catalogue with best wines published on a yearly base